PSST Mental Disorders

In many fields of work a social worker may be confronted with clients suffering from mental disorders. Therefore it is important to have at least basic knowledge about the most important mental disorders. This seminar will be about those mental disorders with the highest probability to encounter in the course of social work.

The seminar is special in two ways: it will be held in English, and it will be totally web based. In other words: there will be no campus sessions, everything can be done from home in front of your computer (even if some of the tasks during the course may include leaving the machine…).

Relevant to Mannheim University students: The seminar is formally equivalent to the lecture “Psychische Störungen” of the 5th Bachelor semester, so you can choose which of the two seminars to visit, including the respective record of achievement: in the campus course “Psychische Störungen” a written test after the end of the semester, in the online course “Mental Disorders” different tasks during the course and a final assignment at the end of the course. Please note: the “Mental Disorders” online seminar only replaces the PSST-part of module H5a! You still have to visit the PSYIA-lecture, and you also have to do the test in this part of the module. But you spare the PSST-part of the test that will be written at the end of semester 5. The seminar is limited to 15 participants! Registrations will be accepted via e-mail to only.

More details on the course will be published on my website