HT 11 / MW1-HT 9 Social security in history (7504/87504)

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2 SWSOnline-SeminarHoffmann

Initial meeting: 10.10.2018, lunch break, details t.b.a.

Deutschlandfunk, contribution from the 15/05/2015 (translation Hoffmann) Heinemann: Have the Federal Governments, this one and previous ones, not done their homework? Raffelhüschen (Prof. Dr., Freiburg): On the contrary, not only haven’t they not done their homework but they tackled the wrong one. For example, the introduction of long-term care insurance was the introduction of a generation contract knowing that the generation that was to fulfil it wasn't there at all. … That was the biggest sociopolitical mistake of post-war Germany … And by the way, no one has copied us. Everyone has pointed at Germany and said that is not how it works. Would you agree with Prof. Raffelhüschen? This course is an online one in 11 lectures. Its aim is to acquire a better understanding of the complex „system“ of social protection in Germany today and of the political discussions about necessary changes. Therefore, students are to read Origins of the German Welfare State. Social Policy in Germany to 1945 by Michael Stolleis, Springer, 2013, 188p. German speaking students may answer questions in German. The deadline for assignments is the end of the lecture period if no special arrangements have been made.